We believe that education starts with encouraging a child’s curiosity and bolstering his or her sense of wonder. Structured around recently updated curriculums, our day offers a wide variety of learning experiences, including:

  • Independent Center Time
  • Activity Time
  •  Music
  • Stories
  • Science
  • Cooperative Projects



Music is a natural and important part of young children’s growth and development. Early inter-action with music positively affects the quality of all children’s lives. Successful experiences in music help create bonds emotionally and intellectually with others through creative expression in song, rhythmic movement and listening experiences. Our children are exposed to music daily and each class meets with our music specialist monthly.


JLDS strives to develop the creative potential of young children. Art helps children communicate their real and imagined worlds in non-verbal ways. We strive to engage young children in collaborative learning with artists and art educators, both on and off the campus. Our 4-yearold and Kindergarten Enrichment classes travel off campus to visit the Aldrich Museum to view exhibits and create open-ended art.


Throughout our lifetime, we continually “learn to move” and “move to learn.” The early years of motor development provide the foundation upon which all other movement and sports skills are built. It is important that all pre-schoolers have access to effective and well planned movement programs to ensure their motor development in the early years. At JLDS we offer daily gross-motor experiences, as well as encourage and enhance each child’s , an indoor play area and our new state-of the-art play yard.


Our school year is more exciting and fun with our special events program. These include on-site “field trips” through visits from a police officer, firefighter, marine biologist, librarian and Woodcock Nature Center naturalist. Off-site trips include a visit to The Aldrich Museum, Stop and Shop, New Pond Farm in Redding and other locations. For JLDS families, we host holiday and end-of-the-year programs, a Family Art Walk for the 4’s.